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Znaps is charging adapter
Znaps - charging adapter

ZNAPS – Charging Adapter

Znaps is a unique charging adapter which is inspired by the apple’s magnetic charging adapter which was introduced in the year 2006. This charging adapter is mainly used for charging your smartphones – Android & IOS, as it comes with both micro-usb and lighting connectors.

Znaps is easy to use, you just have to push the adapter into the charging port of your smartphone and then, the wire can easily connect to the adapter of your smartphone as it uses a magnetic connection which is easy to detach as well.

The best thing about Znaps is that, the wire is reversible and can used in either of the sides, just like the Apple’s lighting cable or USB type C port used in the Google’s Chromebook, the New MacBook 2015 and OnePlus Two.

The adapter also has an LED which glows when the device is charging and also indicates the battery status depending upon the colour of the LED. The company also claims that it is easy to transfer data from a desktop or laptop to your smartphones.znaps- water resistant


The most unique feature about Znaps is that it makes your device waterproof. that is, the adapter is surrounded by a silicon ring, which does not allow the water to enter into the device. At $9 the device is also affordable and cheap.

znaps features


Source & Credit: www.znaps.net, Kickstarter.com

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