Saturday , December 15 2018
Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike With Pedals

Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike Launched – Another Crowdfunding Product, Priced at 599 Yuan ($87)

Another week and Xiaomi has launched a new product under its crowdfunding platform MIJIA, this product caters to kids. It is called the Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike, manufactured by Riding (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd who also manufactured the Xiaomi Qicycle foldable electric bicycle launched last year.

This model is specifically developed for the kids, with a design that is child-friendly and safe. The Xiaomi Qicycle children bike uses an ergonometric design and is without sharp edges that could easily injure the children. The seat is also very soft and the body covered with a protective cover made from foam. The hand bar is designed with an anti-slip property to make braking easy.

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The Xiaomi Qicycle Children bike is available in two models, one is without pedals and then the other with pedals. The one without pedals is to aid the child during development to learn to walk independently on his or her own. When the child has come of age, the pedals can then be installed. Thus, the pedals are detachable. Also, the chain is well protected that it doesn’t come in contact with the child’s body part.

Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike Pricing & Availability

The Xiaomi Qicycle children bike is currently available on the Mi home crowdfunding platform for $599 Yuan ($87/5600 INR). The product would start to ship on June 9.

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