Wednesday , November 14 2018
Windows 10 mobile gets official Facebook app
Windows 10 mobile gets official Facebook app

Windows 10 Mobile gets official Facebook app

Windows 10 mobile gets official Facebook app, Windows 10 Mobile users can download an update to the official Facebook app from the Windows Store. This looks to be a major upgrade, with a new design.

After a few weeks of beta testing Windows 10 Mobile users can now download a version of the official Facebook app that’s been made specifically for that operating system. Windows Phone 8.1 users can also get an update for the Facebook app as well.

Windows 10 mobile gets official Facebook app

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For those on the Facebook Beta for Windows 10 Mobile, technically this official version is newer. However, the beta is likely to continue to get updates and features ahead of the public version. As such, it is your choice if you want stable and public or a more cutting-edge experience with the beta program (you can also just install and use both).

Windows 10 mobile gets official Facebook app

For Windows 10 Mobile phones, the version number is 10.1, while Windows Phone 8.1 users still have the old version number of There are no new published change logs with this updated app so if you notice anything major.

Microsoft and Facebook have opted to continue development on their Facebook beta app separately, leaving users who have downloaded both apps with two options to access Facebook. For those deciding on which to keep, personally, I’ve found that the Facebook beta app, while being forward progressing in feature implementation, has also been more stable and reliable than the “official” offering.

Features of Windows 10 mobile gets official Facebook app version 10.2.1 :-

#   Redesigned for Windows 10

#   Improved navigation

#   Improved photo viewing experience

#   Improved user experience for bigger screens

#   Continuum support

#   Interactive notifications

#   Improved localization quality

#   Web Account Manager SSO support

#   More languages supported

#   In-line video playback and improved video experience

#   Narrator support

Windows Phone 8.1 users may also notice an update to the Facebook app, and again, it seems to be more of a version numbering, and optimization update, rather than a comprehensive feature update.


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