Wednesday , December 12 2018

What’s New with QLED TV Smart Features: Here’s All You Need To Know

Everybody has nearly unlimited choice and flexibility with all possible entertainment options between broadcast, cable, satellite, streaming services, and game consoles. With the new and enhanced smart features, Samsungs QLED TV enables its viewers to watch what they want, when they want it more easily and intuitively than ever before.

One Remote Control

One way Samsung’s new QLED TV simplifies the viewing experience is with One Remote Control. Whether connecting to a game console or enjoying a movie on a Blu-ray player, One Remote Control can control almost all media devices, removing the need for multiple remote controls, thus reducing media clutter.

Furthermore, One Remote Control’s auto-detection capabilities take the guesswork out of toggling between devices. When a device is connected via an HDMI port, the Samsung QLED TV automatically detects the device and lets users know what it is with instantly recognizable icons and names, such as ‘Xbox.’

Enhanced with voice control and an intuitive design with just a few buttons, One Remote Control allows users to quickly and comfortably access essential television functions and contents. The Home button, for example, leads users directly to the Home Screen so they can easily navigate the television’s Settings or Sources menus, Live TV or Smart Hub contents.

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The Voice Recognition button, meanwhile, lets users conveniently initiate a voice command. The Color Button allows viewers to access additional options specific to the feature in use, and Play/Pause displays playback controls. The four-way button at the center of the remote control can be used to navigate each of these functions easily.

Easy and Intuitive Control — From Your Smartphone

With a simple tap on the latest Samsung Smart View app – available on both Android and iOS devices – users can not only search contents easily but also access essential functions on their smartphone through an interface like the one on their TV.

Not only can users browse and control the content they want to watch from their phone, but they can do so without blocking programming on the TV with annoying menus and boxes, allowing other viewers in the room to watch their favorite shows without interruptions.

Users can also send content from their mobile devices, such as personal videos and photos, to their QLED TV in original resolution. Even better, viewers can continue to use their mobile device for other tasks, such as sending an email or updating their social media status, while connected.

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