Best 8 Features of MIUI 8 that are very useful !!!!

Do You know what’s New in MIUI 8 ?  Let’s Find Out!!!!

Xiaomi had an event on 30th June 2016 in New Delhi where they announced MIUI 8 along with Mi Max. MIUI 8 comes with whole new features and updates. MIUI 8 public stable release will ship on 16th August. You can download MIUI 8 developer ROM from

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Wanna Know Whether your device will get MIUI 8 ?  We will be dropping a list below. So check that out!!!!!!

Features of MIUI 8 :-

1)  Redesigned Gallery App                                 

You can now add category to your images for better representation based on size/resolution including a landscape layout for panoramas and portrait for screenshots. It will also allow users to add filters, stickers and crop their images and also be able to doodle on images, edit videos directly in the app with filters, captions and music. The new Gallery app on-board the MIUI 8 will allow users to take a nifty screenshot scrolling feature that allows for multi-screen scrolling screenshots and editing them further. You can now use Quick share just by swipping up.

MIUI 8 Gallery

2)  Dual Apps 

Xiaomi included a new feature called Dual Apps. This is basically what we are using from past one year with third party apps like parallel space and many more!!! Inclusion of Dual App feature in MIUI8 will allow users to run two different accounts of the same app, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. It also brings in a second space feature that allows for separate home and professional work.

MIUI 8 Dual Apps

3) Quick Ball/ Suspension Ball

With MIUI8 Xiaomi manage to put a accessiblity feature much like Apple’s Assistive Touch. Xiaomi called Quick Ball. It helps in making one- handed operation easily. It is a combination of gestures that can be customizable according to users needs. It can be directly accessible from lockscreen. Quick Ball can be placed anywhere on the screen, and is aimed at giving users quick and easy access to apps they use frequently.

MIUI 8 Quick Ball

4)  Second Space  

Second Space is nothing but having two accounts on a phone with different data, app, gallery spaces inaccessible to each other. Users can have two different logins in the same smartphone. Which means like a desktop, users can have two different system accounts, with different passwords and different user data. It’s like two phones in one.

MIUI 8 Second Space

5) Long Screen Capture

Long screen capture is possible in MIUI 8. The Samsung Note users are using this feature from quite some time. Both are same but application is somewhat different. The standard screenshot captures the screen which is only visible but long screen capture can easily capture 4-5 pages and processes it as a single image capture. It adds productivity and let’s see if users uses this feature on daily basis.

MIUI 8 Scrolling Screenshot

6) Advanced Calculator App

A new Advanced calculator app is also designed for MIUI8. Users will no longer need to Google for conversion of weight, currency or temperature. New Calculator app with support for currency/weight conversions and advanced calculations can do everything for you. he Calculator app in the new OS iteration comes integrated with various conversion scales and much more!!!

MIUI 8 Calculator App

7) Notifications &  Notification Panel

 The pull down notification panel now has a consolidated list and a weather panel at the top that automatically changes colour (and animation) according to the weather. Moreover, the colour changing status bar and animations have been incorporated in other apps across the user interface as well. MIUI 8 Wallpaper Carousel feature will allow users to access high-quality daily lock screens consisting of up to 12 categories.

8) MIUI Caller ID

Xiaomi smartphones would be able to identify the caller with crowd sourced information. There is also support for identifying numbers from Amazon, Swiggy, Dominos, Zomato reps now with MIUI8.

Miui 8 Caller ID

  • Messages – MIUI provides helpful action buttons directly below messages from businesses and services,
    allowing you to take action with just one tap. SMS app will also have action shortcuts integrated within them. MIUI intelligently formats SMS messages from businesses and services so they’re easier to read.

List of Devices that will be getting MIUI8 Update :-

  1. Mi 5
  2. Mi 5 Pro
  3. Mi 4
  4. Mi 4c
  5. Mi 4i
  6. Mi 3
  7. Mi 2/2s
  8. Mi Max
  9. Mi Note
  10. Mi Note Pro
  11. Redmi Note 3
  12. Redmi 2
  13. Redmi 2  Prime
  14. Redmi 1S
  15. Redmi Note 3G
  16. Redmi Note 4G
  17. Redmi Note Prime

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