Super Mario Run now up for Pre-Registration on Play Store

Super Mario Run for Android

Nintendo the Super Mario Company had launched the Super Mario Run for iOS on Dec 15th, and had committed to make it live to Android OS in 2017. On the launch of the iOS version, this app scored 40 million downloads within 4 days of its release. Now it is up for pre-registration for the Android OS on the Google Play Store. All those who register for it will be notified on the launch of this app on Android OS

Super Mario Run is a game which is all about a character called “Mario”, who runs forward in the game and with different sensitivity and type of taps on the screen it will behave differently, it can make smooth moves, collect coins and complete the goals.

As in the iOS version, the Android version may be free with a demo of three levels and after that, the user might have to make a one-time purchase of $9.99 / Rs. 620.

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