Snapdeal now delivers products within an hour

Snapdeal instant
Snapdeal instant

E-retailer company Snapdeal has now a launched a new service named “Snapdeal Instant”, which allows the delivery of packages within an hour of placing the order.

Company decided to start with 3 major cities- Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and then expand to 8 other major cities in the next 2 months. After this service gets activated customer will not have to pay extra chargers to recieve the product faster, also this service is now limited to packages weighing below 5 Kg. Snapdeal will now allow their sellers to ship the products directly to the customer through it’s courier services or via fulfillment centres.

”Snapdeal Instant is aimed at further improving customer experience on our platform by enabling faster deliveries and maintaining product quality at the same time. Customers could get their products delivered as early as within an hour of the order being placed,” Snapdeal Vice President Operations Ashish Chitravanshi told PTI.

He said the company has seen huge success with innovative initiatives in supply chain management like the 4 hour delivery and 90 minutes reverse pick up facilities and this new service is another step in that direction.