Samsung Flow Update Now Streamlines Device Synchronization to More Users

Samsung Flow Update

Samsung Flow is an app that allows users to synchronize their tablet with their smartphone inconvenient, productivity-boosting ways. The app’s latest update, slated for release in April, expands its compatibility to include even more devices, allowing more users to simplify their always-connected lifestyles.

Samsung Flow allows you to seamlessly manage data and messages between their Galaxy smartphone and tablet, helping them enjoy new levels of convenience and mobility.

When the devices are synchronized, you may unlock their tablet using their phone’s fingerprint sensor, manage smartphone notifications directly from their tablet, start a browsing session on one device and easily continue on the other, effortlessly transfer content between the two devices, and automatically connect their tablet to their phone’s mobile hotspot.

The app’s upcoming update will expand its compatibility from Galaxy S6 and newer devices to all Galaxy smartphones with devices running Android OS Marshmallow (6.0) or newer and Windows 10 Creators Update or newer. In addition, with the update, Samsung Flow will function on all Galaxy and Windows 10 tablets and PCs.


Pairing devices are easy. Simply download the Samsung Flow app from the Google Play or Galaxy Apps store, activate Samsung Flow on both devices, and follow the application’s on-screen instructions.

After the devices have been successfully paired, you will be asked to register a PIN and scan their fingerprint with their smartphone. This simple and secure layer of biometric authentication allows you to unlock and access both synchronized devices at once, helping them streamline how they manage the technology they rely on throughout their day.

Easy Alerts 

Samsung Flow also supports simple syncing of notifications between connected smartphones and tablets, alerting you of any missed calls and allowing you to comfortably manage messages from either device. When working on your tablet, with Samsung Flow, you’ll be notified instantly of all incoming messages and will be able to type a quick response directly onto the device. No stopping to fumble for your phone, and no wasting time.

Speaking of saving time, Samsung Flow also supports speedy and reliable data transfers via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can share photos, videos, and hefty documents cord and hassle free, and pause and continue browsing sessions on whichever device is more convenient. Additionally, when Wi-Fi is spotty, the app allows you to seamlessly connect your tablet to your phone’s mobile hotspot, so you’ll never be out of the loop.

Optimized for mobility and convenience, Samsung Flow’s latest update empowers more users to streamline their digital lives.