Reach GO by MOS

Reach Go by MOS

The USB Type-C port was first introduced on Apple’s new MacBook, as well as Google’s Chromebook Pixel 2. And this time MOS has introduced it’s battery pack, Reach Go which is the first battery pack with USB type C port and can charge New MAC Book 2015 3 three time as it packs 15000mAH of capacity. The advantage of USB Type-C is that the data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps, can deliver up to 100w of power, and is one port for all kinds of functions. Reach Go is also the first power bank to have 3 USB port which also acts as a USB hub (one USB-C and two USB type A).

reach go

The Reach Go takes advantage of Etron’s new 100-watt USB-C charge controller, which means it can not only charge a laptop (like the new MacBook or a Chromebook Pixel) over a USB-C connection at full speed, it can also charge two additional 2.1-amp tablets all at the same time.

Reach Go by MOS will be made available in October this year, If  you want to buy one for yourself, visit the MOS website.

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