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Qiub – An All-In-One Pocket Solution To Manage Power Bank, Cable, Memory Card

You all must be fed up carrying and managing different tech gadgets while on-the-go, Qiub is a product which can solve some of your issues and minimize the number of gadgets. The company quotes Qiub as a “The Swiss Army Knife of Power banks”, this product is a multi-functional mobile phone gadget with integrated cable, memory card reader and smart power bank features.

How can Qiub Solve Your Problem?

  1. Charging Smartphones

    Qiub is not a full-fledged portable charger but it helps you out when you need it the most. Just plug in your Qiub. Charge devices on the go with up to 50% of battery charge for iPhone 6. With this product, make it through the day without worrying about your battery level. It also supports pass-through charge so, you can charge your smartphone and Qiub simultaneously when you connect to a power source.

  2. Memory Card Reader

    Qiub can read any Micro-SD card up to 64GB and is compatible with any computer. It is also a perfect place to keep safe your Micro-SD memory card.

  3. Transfer Data from Laptop to Mobile

    Since it comes with a USB TYPE-A on one end and micro USB on the other end, hence, you can move your data from mobile device to laptop/PC.

  4. Compact and Portable

    We all face messy cables that get easily tangled. It’s cables fold neatly into the device avoiding cluttered and disordered cables. Cables are made out of a colorful, hard-wearing and resistant material. Also, it is so compact that it can easily fit in your jeans or trouser pocket while on-the-go. It only weighs 60g.

It is available in 2 distinguished colors – blue for Android and green for Apple. If you want to know more and buy one for yourself you can support this product on Indiegogo.

Qiub Technical specification:

– battery capacity of 1500mAH with a max output of 5V 1.2A
– integrated high-quality MFI certified data/charge yellow/green cable/charge blue cable
– memory card reader up to 64 GB
– dimensions 67mm x 53.5mm x 15.5mm
– weight 60g
– Lightning/micro USB connector

Source: Indiegogo

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