OnePlus app now available on Google Play Store

oneplus app

OnePlus has scheduled an event on July 28 @ 7:30AM IST for the launch of Flagship Killer of 2015. The company has already sold it’s cardboard VR headset to many users. OnePlus specifically launched this free app to stream the launch event of OnePlus 2 across the globe, which is restricted to android users only.

The app will stream the event in 3D and will the userd a 360-degree interactive experience to all it’s users. OnePlus was geared up with it’s flagship killer 2015, and was also hinting about the features & specification throughtout the month of July. Now, they are all set with their OnePlus app, the app is simple to use as it will stream the live event on July 28.

Also, the company has opened the invitation to buy the OnePlus 2 just like the OnePlus One, they have also assured that they will not be short of supply this time, as the company is all set with 50 times more stock than last year.

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