Most Exciting Things That You Can Do With Your Updated Android Wear Smart Watch!

Most Exciting Things That You Can Do With Your Updated Android Wear Smart Watch!

Android has become one of the most popular operating systems. This is really a very common operating system that is preferred by almost everyone in the entire world. This fulfills all the necessary requirements of the users and therefore people choose this in their preferred gadgets. In the year 2014, I/O meeting was held in the month of March and Google announced that they will be offering the complete range of Android Wear gadgets for their customers. This was the initial start of the Smart Watch OS by Google and it was reflected huge success in smart devices market.

Android Wear is based on the similar Linux kernel as its smartphone associates and developers will require the most recent Android Studio version and the SDKs to concoct new applications or correct their present ones for Wear compatibility.

Unless you’re creating applications, all you truly need to know is that it’s an adaptation of Android intended for the smaller screen of a Smart Watch and that you will need to be shake an Android smartphone to benefit as much as possible from it. You’ll likewise require a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity and availability on board, however, these days we’d say that is guaranteed. Most interesting news about this is that iPhone client will now be getting the chance to play as well, considerably more than expected because of Wear 2.0. Although there’s no space for Windows Phone clients at the Android Wear party since this is not supported for Windows Phone clients.

Android Wear, being a Smart Watch OS, is justifiably centered on a few key regions – the first being time-telling and then the second being warnings or notifications.

You may laugh at once on a time-telling feature, yet, it is likely the thing that you’ll utilize the most. You’ll have various pre-chosen watch faces to look over and select from – some swanky, some not swanky all that (Tag has the swankiest faces) – and it is as simple as just pressing and then holding the display to properly scroll through them. If you can’t find one that you like then you can simply search on Google Play and you’ll find hundreds, even more, choices to choose from.

In Wear 2.0, you would be able to view information from various third-party applications on the watch face, much the same as complications on the Apple Watch.

Likewise, with the propriety platforms that we’ve seen up until this point, notifications have a major influence on the Android Wear experience. You’ll get informed about incoming texts, WhatsApp messages, tweets where your name has been mentioned, Facebook updates, email and much more.

Things that you can do with Android Wear OS:

Change the face: Change the face on your Android Wear watches essentially by holding a finger down on the face that is appearing. You can then look through the different pre-installed faces and tap one to utilize it.

Download new faces: if you aren’t energized by the faces that are provided with your watch, look at the Play Store for additional choices. Some simply include another new look, some are information driven and associated with applications. Search a bit, such as, at InstaWeather for Android Wear watch which offers distinctive watch faces for various types of climate data. Then simply search the store for different sorts of data carrying faces. Make the selection of one that seems interesting to you.

Make your own particular face: If nothing truly seems to be an interesting choice to you then you can consider one of the devices that give you a chance to make your own particular face. For instance, Watch Faces for Android Wear, which is an incomprehensible gallery of watch faces as well as a face editorial manager with enough choices to keep any individual who likes to ring the progressions upbeat.

Utilize Cinema mode: Silver screen Mode shuts down and turns off the display and all notifications as well. It’s incredible for when you are at the movies, however, also perfect when you would prefer not to be bothered or if you truly need to conserve the battery power when it is getting low.

Check battery level: Your Android Wear watch may have several days of battery life. To check the present battery status, open Android Wear on your Android gadget, then tap the Settings ‘cog’, then tap your watch name. Now, tap ‘Watch battery’ and you’ll get a diagram demonstrating the charge level of your battery.

View perfectly in daylight with splendor support: Give the screen a swift burst of ultra-brightness when it is hard for you to see in the daylight. If your watch has a button, then you need to press it three times. If not, you just simply need to swipe down then swipe from right to left till you see Sunlight Mode and touch that for a swift burst of ultra-brightness.

Power Saver: There are bunches of options to preserve power on your Smart Watch. Here are the three ways that are highly preferred and appreciated by the users all around the world.

 Turn off the always on setting: Open Android Wear on your Android gadget, tap the Settings ‘cog’, then tap your watch name. You can flip the screen’s dependable on the setting. You can do this in the Settings area on the watch as well.
 Turn off the ‘Tilt to Wake’ setting: Go to the same screen from above and slide to turn ‘Tilt to wake’ on or off. Whenever on, the watch face will light up if you lift the handset – which you might need to do, for instance, If you take your watch off before bed, however, some of the time you need to lift it up to see the time.
 Set auto brightness levels: On the watch, smoothly sweep down then from right to left till you see the Settings cog. Tap it gently and after that tap ‘ Adjust brightness’ and scroll the levels before tapping the one you need.

Set notification: If you would prefer not to utilize Cinema mode yet would like to kill notifications, then simply swipe down from the highest point of the watch’s screen and pick the notification setting that you need.

Keep an eye on watch storage: In Android Wear, tap the Settings cog, then tap your watch name, lastly tap ‘Watch stockpiling’. You’ll get data about the applications on your watch and about how much free storage is remaining.

Choose right apps for the tasks you need to do: When you make voice commands to your watch, it will perform activities utilizing applications you have set up and installed. To ensure it utilizes the correct ones, you can pick the default applications for specific tasks. On the Android Wear application on your handset, tap your watch names then tap ‘Actions’. You can see a complete list of the considerable number of Actions that you can “speak” to your watch, and also the application that it will use to fulfill those commands. Where activities are turned gray out, an application is not chosen. Tap the activity and you can set your favored application.

Set a screen bolt: If you’re stressed over information security then set screen lock to your watch. Go into the Settings – swipe from right to left and scroll to Settings – then look down to ‘Screen lock’. Select to lock screen when you take the watch off and afterward you can draw a specific unique pattern on the screen. That’s it. Simply remember the pattern you set!

Block notification: if you would prefer not to see a notification from a specific application then it is really very simple and quick to block them with the setting option.

Get notification back: If you’ve rejected a notification suddenly but it was important then you can get it back again if you swipe upwards immediately and tap the undo symbol.

Pair two watches: Pair your watch with your companion or friend to send them time to time coordinates or special messages and other data quite easily. Sweep from right to left from the watch face to see your applications rundown and scroll to ‘Together’. Your watch can search for close-by watches and pair or it will begin a paring welcome on your smart phone.

Once the two gadgets or watches are paired then you and your paired gadget can exchange emoji, status, stickers, doodles and photographs to each other via “Together” watch face.

Ok Google: You just need to say ‘Ok Google’ then you can ask your watch a question and it will demonstrate to you the appropriate response. Clearly, the potential outcomes aren’t endless. In any case, if you don’t prefer sweeping and swiping, ‘Ok Google,’ may get you around quite quickly.

Control with a wrist flick: Sweep and swipe is all extremely well, yet, turn on wrist gestures on the watch and you can flick your wrist towards and far from you to look here and there through cards on the watch face. Swipe down from the highest point of the watch face, then swipe from right to left to get to Settings, look down to ‘Wrist gestures’ and tap to turn motions on or off.

Put music on your watch: There isn’t probably going to be a tremendous measure of free storage on your watch, yet, you can have a chance of putting a couple of tunes on it if you like. You would need to make sure that your smart phone has Google Play Music installed in it and you’ll have the capacity to exchange tunes over to your watch.

Bluetooth earphones or headphone pairing: If you have copied some of your favorite music to your watch then you might need to listen through Bluetooth earphones. You can easily find the options for pairing in the Settings area under Bluetooth gadgets. Pairing begins when you tap ‘Bluetooth devices’.

Draw an emoji: If you are currently reading a message on your watch then you can answer directly with a drawn emoji. You can simply see the message, then sweep from right to left till you see an answer, tap it and pick ‘Draw emoji’. The watch will make a match and you can pick one to send.