iPhone Screen Repairs Not An Issue Now, Apple will no longer void your Warranty

iPhone Screen Repairs

Since the beginning, iPhone users have dreamt of this service and now it will be a reality. Apple will no longer void the iPhone’s warranty if you get the iPhone screen replaced by Apple officially, According to internal memos seen by Mac Rumours.

This means if you have repaired the screen by a local repair shop, then Apple is still going to fix other issues. Previously, once you replaced your display using someone other than Apple, you were on your own.

As we said, though, there are conditions: any future repairs must be non-display related, so if you want Apple to fix a botched screen repair job done by someone else, then you’re still going to have to pay full price. And of course, your device must still be under warranty, whether that’s AppleCare or Apple’s standard one-year deal.

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Since Apple hasn’t made any official announcement yet, it’s good news for iPhone users who’ve made use of their local repair shop to replace a cracked screen or deal with some other issue – Apple will still look after the other parts for you.

Any other third-party repairs are still going to void your warranty, though, so expect to get charged full price to get your iPhone fixed by Apple if another firm has previously done any work on the device or replaced any of the components.

MacRumors says the memo applies to repairs in the US and Canada, with other regions probably included too. Once again we would like to tell you that this info has not been official yet, so be careful as of now.

Official Apple Charges for iPhone Screen Replacements, As of Now:

iPhone modelScreen only (AppleCare+)Other Damage (AppleCare+)
All iPhones with Apple Care+$29$99
iPhone ModelScreen only (out of warranty)Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 7 Plus$149$349
iPhone 7$129$319
iPhone 6s Plus$149$329
iPhone 6s$129$299
iPhone 6 Plus$149$329
iPhone 6$129$299
iPhone SE$129$269
iPhone 5c$129$269
iPhone 5s$129$269
iPhone 5$129$269

More Info on pricing : Apple Support

Source & Credits: MacRumours 

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