iBackpack – The Smart Bag

iBackpack is next generation shoulder bag which contains a ton of feature believe it or not but it does. This bag not only helps you carry your stuff on the go but also has some additional functionalities.

Starting with the fabric, this backpack is made with ‘Cordura fabric’. The company claims that the material is most expensive and durable fabric and also calls it the ” Mercedes-Benz of backpack fabric”. This fabric is also a water resistant that means it helps to protect the items in the bag. iBackpack also uses high-quality zippers and ideal buckles.


  1. WiFi/MiFi: The bag is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodaphone, O2, Verizon, Sprint and other carriers. Up to six of your friends can connect to your HOT SPOT. Modem/Router includes 8,000 mAh Battery.
  2. 20,000mAh Battery: The iBackPack contains 20,000 mAh battery. It is capable of charging 10 smartphones or 5 tablet devices from scratch.
  3. Zipper Cables: The iBackPack includes extremely durable and powerful cables. It allows you to connect iPhone and Android devices with each cable, therefore, zipper style cable system.
  4. Car Charger: A car charger system comes with all iBackPacks. Also, there are a hand-full of high-end car charging options. The iBackPack car charging systems supports both Android and iPhone smartphones and has a one-meter retractable cord.
  5. Bluetooth Speakers/ Microphone: The Bluetooth Speaker system comes with all iBackPacks. It has both a microphone and solid-state sound system that integrates with your iPhone or Android devices. You can listen to music from your smartphone/tablet. Additionally, you can answer the phone with a speaker phone function at the same time. Should your phone ring, the sound volume automatically reduces to 90%, allowing you to answer the telephone via the speaker system. Once you hang up, the music volume increases to the original level.
  6. iOS/Android Application: The iBackPack has created a next-generation mobile app suite that allows you to keep track of your bag at all times. The GPS functionality assists with identifying the exact location of the thief as well as your child should he/she go missing.
  7. Apple/ Android Cable: The iBackPack includes all of the cables you need in order to keep your electronics powered up. The primary USB cord pulls out of the iBackPack and allows one plug to automatically recharge all batteries in the iBackPack.
  8. USB 2.0 hub with OTG: The iBackPack has four USB ports extended out the side of the bag. You can use these ports to recharge up to 4 external devices at one time.
  9. Anti-Theft Security System: As it has in-built GPS system, even if you lose your backpack, hit the alarm button, a siren will start and you will be able to track the backpack via the smartphone application. The company also claims many other features like Bullet-Proofing, Hidden Pockets, TSA Approved, Shock Resistant, and Water Proof.

iBackpack Pricing

The company also gives a life warranty. It will be available in the market in march 2016. The starting price of the iBackpack is $179 and goes up to $349, depending on the price each model has its unique feature.

Source & Credit:- iBackpack

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