Google Now Launcher

After the all manufacturer coming out with their custom skin like Samsung- Touchwiz, HTC- Sense UI, Google has also launched thier own customer launcher which gives you the stock android feel. You ca also install this on any android smartphone and enjoy the stock android experience. This skin does not provides us with alot of customization like the cynogenmod, this is the USP of Google Now Launcher.

Google Now, you can launch into searches, view cards based on the time of day, your location, and general browsing habits, and execute all sorts of hands-free “OK Google” commands. The cards populating Google Now can include local weather, directions to upcoming appointments, upcoming birthdays, content updates from your favorite websites, scores from your favorite sports teams, and the latest stock price changes.

This launcher is recommended to those who prefer a neat and clean UI, without any bloatware.

google-now-launcher1 google-now-launcher2

Google Now Launcher: Google Play

Website: Google Inc.

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