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Facebook – 148 Million monthly active users in India

Facebook recently released the number of active user globally, which comes out to be 1.65 billion (165 Crores) active users out of which India takes the second position. In an interview with Businessline, Dan Neary, Facebook’s vice president of Asia Pacific has revealed that there are nearly 150 million (15 Crores) monthly active users in the country. Neary also says that 95 percent of these users access the social network on their mobile phones. At last count, more than 70 million (7 Crores ) users in India accessed Facebook on a daily basis.

Facebook has recently opened its new office in Mumbai, the company’s fourth office in India, after setting up offices in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. There is no doubt that India is an important market for Facebook as the next billion internet users are expected from this country. Facebook’s revenues in the country has also risen, with ad revenues in the Asia Pacific region growing at over 62 percent.

Apart from the user base, Facebook’s developer base too has continued to grow in India. In fact, the company says India represents the second-biggest developer base outside the US. By the end of last year, Facebook is said to have offered up to $20 million in benefits to its developers in India.

Facebook_Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s working in India was not as smooth as it looks, they have to face regulatory hurdles, Facebook had to face a PR nightmare when its Free Basics initiative was banned in India. All the money spent on marketing, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to the country was not enough to convince the regulatory authorities that Free Basics was not against the principles of net neutrality.

One of the fall outs of Free Basics was Facebook India managing director Kirthiga Reddy stepping down earlier this year. Neary however rubbishes these claims saying Reddy’s move was in no way connected to Free Basics. Instead the only reason was because she wanted to relocate to the US.

Source: Businessline

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