Customers who ordered Freedom 251 Be Ready

Freedom 251

Ringing Bells, Noida based company who unveiled world’s cheapest smartphone i.e Freedom 251. Now dispatching thousands of units to the customer whose who booked their phones. Staying on their words, the company going to deliver smartphone to first 5000 customers as of now. 2240 units of Freedom 251 has been dispatched by the company.  The company also showcased Real Freedom 251 along with Freedom 9900 cheapest LED TV and  six phones 3 of them are Featured phones and 3 are smartphones. According to him, there were over 7.5 crore registrations and…

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Freedom 251 Smartphone launched at Rs 251


Ringing Bells a Noida based Indian company has launched “Freedom 251”, which the company claims is the most affordable 3G smartphone in India. Freedom 251 has launched in India today. The name itself tells a lot about the device, this extreme-affordable 3G smartphone is priced at Rs 251. Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd says that this new smartphone is in line with the Indian government’s Make in India, Digital India and Skill India programs. Registration for this smartphone starts tomorrow at 6:00AM, and the window will be open till February 21, 8:00PM. The Freedom 251 is…

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