Brain Baazi – A Chance to Win Cash Worth Rs. 1 Lakh

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With Brain Baazi, Live trivia is finally going Strong Among Indians

Brain Baazi, A new online game where you can make money along with recreational activities.

Brain Bazzi Now-02 (1)Gaming is now the most favourite form of entertainment. Online gaming is going from strength to strength in this digital-first mobile world. The rapidly growing internet consumer base in Asia has provided the perfect ecosystem for the growth of online gaming. The popularity of games like PUBG, Fortnite are a perfect case in point. But what if you get money while playing these games? Yes, you got it right. Brain Baazi, from Times Internet, is a pioneer in online gaming. It offers you the delight of testing your wisdom through a live online gaming. It’s also a great chance to win a cash prize.

This live trivia show BrainBaazi offers participants a cash prize of Rs.1,00,000 and have found takers among college goers, working professionals and homemakers alike.

When to Play?

Users wait eagerly for the clock to strike 1 PM and 9 PM that gives them opportunities twice a day to try their luck at 11 trivias and earn cash. Brain Baazi goes live at 1 PM on weekdays and 9 PM every day.

What to Answer?

Questions range from Bollywood, History, Cricket, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Current Affairs. If you are playing the game at home, you also get a chance to involve your family and friends for your shot at the Rs 1,00,000 prize money. Since this is a live show, users are pitted against multiple competitors across multiple geographies. While reading out the question, the host also keeps users updated about how many people could get the right answer, which then keeps you guessing your probability of winning cash. The winner’s name is flashed on the screen and money instantly transferred to the linked e-wallet.

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Ruchi Singh, a Delhi based Company Secretary and media law specialist, says,

“ I usually kept to myself during office hours. I would be quietly preoccupied with my work with minimal social interaction. So, the other day I came across the BrainBaazi app and soon was addicted to the live game show. I started sharing my referral code with all my contacts to get lives and started hanging out with subject matter experts in my office to guarantee daily wins. It became the perfect lunch-time socialising tool for me.”

“I knew some of the answers, they knew the rest and together we saw quite a show of teamwork as we began ranking high in the winners list. I thank BrainBaazi for giving me an opportunity to earn extra bucks and improving my friend circle at workplace along the way,” she added.

Even when participants don’t know an answer they feel enriched and knowledgeable after each game, thanks to a wide array of questions and the immensely popular ‘Gyan Ki Dukaan’. The funny jokes cracked by BrainBaazi hosts like Megha, Sukriti, Aakash. No doubt make the learning even more enjoyable for the thousands of participants every day.

Check out Brain Baazi yourself!

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