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Apple WWDC 2016
Apple WWDC 2016

Top 5 Announcements : Apple WWDC 2016

Apple, The big tech giant company holds Worldwide Developers Conference every year. The 2016 conference will be held June 13–17.This time was no exception Apple WWDC 2016 the conference was held in San Francisco, California, thousands of developers from around the world got a chance to meet up with Apple engineers.

Apple WWDC 2016 just kicked off with an Opening Keynote. Over the course of two hours, it was full of incremental updates from Apple whether its on WatchOS, TVOS, Mac OS and iOS and there were few other improvements as well like New improved Siri, Scribble and Swift Playgrounds.

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Apple WWDC 2016 Announcements :

1)  iOS

ios10 ios 10

Apple’s operating system for ipad, iphones and ipod, iOS since iOS 7 has gone largely without design changes , so we all assume iOS 10 may feature some design change to update the look. A dark mode is based on the look of Apple’s WWDC app and site, but there’s no evidence suggesting such a feature will be implemented. Lock screen has been redesigned, expanding the use of 3D Touch. Now, you can raise your wrist and the phone will wake up – new notifications are interactive through 3D Touch. Hard press on a notification and you can deal with them before you have even unlocked your phone. You can even message on the lockscreen.

If you don’t want your notifications, you can get rid of them quickly now thanks to 3D Touch. Control Center has been improved and there’s now a bigger area for music on the lockscreen, easier access to the camera. It’s also easier to see your widgets.

Siri is being opened up to develops, which is massive news for third-party apps. You can now send Whatsapps through Siri, as well as Slack. Uber and Lyft are also supported, as are apps such as Pinterest, MapMyRun, Runkeeper and Skype. QuickType has also been improved. It’s just got a lot more intelligent as Siri is a lot more baked in, offering up things like location information and pre-filling calendar events.

Photos now gets facial recognition and can pin your photos to a map, so you know where your photos were taken.

2)  Watch OS

Apple Watch

Last year, Apple announced watchOS 2 which improves Watch OS and some bugs. Apple WWDC 2016 is all about speed and refining the operating system so users will use Apple Watch more and more. WatchOS 3 allows you to keep favorite apps in a new Dock system, has background updates and quicker refresh times. In fact, there’s a 7x faster refresh rate than watchOS 2 which looked lightning fast in the demos we saw at WWDC.

Another interesting new feature is that you can press the side-button below the crown to access the Dock, much like what you have in iOS, where you can swipe through different apps to use. This increased performance allows easy access to favorite apps and to make controls even easier, Control Center is now on your Apple Watch. You just swipe up from the bottom, like in iOS. Scribble, you can write what you like, drawing the letters of the message right there on the screen.

3) TV OS


It’s good news for those who don’t like the Apple TV remote – Apple has developed a new version of the remote app for iOS so you can use your iPhone as a remote and you can use your phone’s gyroscope to play games on Apple TV.

New much improved Siri on Apple TV. You can now search movies by topic on Apple TV. For example, you can search for ‘high school comedies from the 80s’ and Siri will find movies in this genre for you. Siri searches 650,000 movies and TV shows to make this happen. And that’s not all, you can now you can also search YouTube this way as well.

4) mac OS

First of all, OS X is No More. Welcome macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra

It comes with much rumored re-branding out of the way, Auto Unlock was the first new feature Apple unveiled for macOS Sierra, a new feature of Continuity that will let users automatically unlock Macs with an iPhone or Apple Watch. Universal Clipboard is another great new Continuity feature that makes copied text available across all devices where you’re logged in. macOS Sierra lets users mirror their desktops across multiple Macs.

Apple Pay will now be available on the Mac and purchases are authenticated with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch using Continuity. And then there’s picture in picture, which lets you keep videos open in a window on top of whatever you’re doing. It improves productivity.


That’s all folks!

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