Tuesday , November 13 2018
ACT Fibernet

ACT Fibernet Revises Plans in Bengaluru, 125 Mbps Plan Now At 750GB FUP

ACT Fibernet (Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) has upgraded its plans in Bengaluru offering 2x  more speed speeds and data limits by more than 2x.

In 6 months, ACT Fibernet has more than doubled ACT Storm plan from 30 Mbps and 60GB FUP to 75Mbps and 125GB FUP at no additional cost.  Similarly, ACT Lightning has been upgraded by 175% from 100GB FUP to 175GB FUP and ACT Incredible from 150GB FUP to 250GB FUP, again at no extra costs.

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It’s top-end ACT Progress 125Mbps plan now offers 750GB FUP compared to 550GB earlier. Recently, ACT upgraded its plan in Delhi. Hope it would upgrade plans in other cities as well soon.

ACT Fibernet Plans Overview:

Existing plansPlans from 03-March

Plan NameMonthly RentalSpeedDownload FUPSpeed After FUPSpeedDownload FUPSpeed After FUP
ACT Swift6755 Mbps25 GB256 Kbps5 Mbps40 GB256 Kbps
ACT Rapid89920 Mbps40 GB512 Kbps30 Mbps65 GB512 Kbps
ACT Blaze104950 Mbps60 GB512 Kbps60 Mbps100 GB512 Kbps
ACT Storm114950 Mbps75 GB512 Kbps75 Mbps125 GB512 Kbps
ACT Lightning139975 Mbps100 GB512 Kbps75 Mbps175 GB512 Kbps
ACT Incredible1999100 Mbps150 GB1 Mbps100 Mbps250 GB1 Mbps
ACT Essential2999100 Mbps300 GB2 Mbps100 Mbps400 GB2 Mbps
ACT Advance3999125 Mbps400 GB2 Mbps125 Mbps550 GB2 Mbps
ACT Progress4999125 Mbps550GB2 Mbps125 Mbps750 GB2 Mbps

Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd said:

At ACT Fibernet we believe in bringing the best experiences to our customers. Our new plans will open up new possibilities such as entertainment demands through 4k and HD movies /TV series downloads as well as in professional work especially in start-up capital of the country. In Line with our philosophy of empowering our customers – we are upgrading our plans to offer the best speeds and FUP limits at incredible value to our customers.

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