Xiaomi Launches Ultra Smart Sports Shoes with Intel Chips at 299 Yuan ($43)

Xiaomi Ultra Smart Sports Shoes

Xiaomi Ultra Smart Sports Shoes - 2Xiaomi has launched another innovative smart product in their Mi Home Portfolio and this time it is 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sports Shoes. This Smart running shoes come with a built-in Intel Curie chip which is very small in size, about the size of a button but enough to store vital fitness data in real time.

The shoes are developed in China by Shanghai Runmi Technology Co. Ltd. The Ultra Smart Sports Shoes are made up of foam-like material on the body which cushions the effect of the runner is suppose to feel when his or her foot hit the ground. The sole of the shoes also has a design with an arch support balance sheet, anti-skid wear, and other design. The Smart sports shoes also come with air cushion and an antibacterial removable insole.

Talking about the most important thing about these Ulta Smart Sports Shoes is the ability of the intelligent Intel chip to detect movement and store data such as distance covered, speed, calories lost etc. The chip can detect when the user of the sports shoes is running, walking or climbing. The chip can stay up to 60 days without the need for a charge.

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The Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart sports footwear is available in black and surf blue color options designed specifically for the males and black and pink for the females. There is a blue special edition with luminous material that makes the runner visible to motorist and other road users at night. 

Xiaomi Ultra Smart Sports Shoes - 1The Smart wearable comes with a price tag of 299 Yuan ($43) and is already up for funding on Mi Home. The smart footwear would ship on 15th of April. Recently, Xiaomi had also launched the Scishare Coffee Maker with Multi-Brand Coffee Capsule Support. This coffee maker can prepare coffee in just one minute and some of the key highlights of the Scishare Coffee Maker include automatic switch off after 15 minutes of no use along with an easy-to-clean design. It features a power button which is placed alongside the extraction button. With the use of European coffee extraction technology, you can set from eight different cup sizes ranging from 15-85ml.

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