Samsung Galaxy S8, & S8+ Bixby button Remapping Will Be Removed Confirms Samsung

Launch Any App on Galaxy S8's Dedicated Bixby Button

Recently, we shared a post with you where we told that the Bixby Button can be Remapped to launched any other app. A Reddit user Homeguy123 has found a way to make the dedicated Bixby button work with the help from an app called All in one Gestures, as you can see from his YouTube video below. The process requires users to grant the application, available for free on Google Play, access to modify system settings. To follow the complete procedure head over to the link below.

Now Samsung is said to have pushed an update to the Telus variant of the Galaxy S8 to remove the ability to intercept the action of pressing the button that is based on the ‘Accessibility’ service. This has been confirmed by Samsung representative on Twitter.

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He also said that it was exploiting a system-level behavior so the behavior to remap the button has been changed. He also confirmed that Samsung won’t officially support this feature.

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Fortunately, the process is not complex, it does require the users to toggle certain settings in the accessibility section. With the help of this, users can choose to launch Google Assistant, which currently holds a superior hand due to support for many more languages than Bixby, with the dedicated Bixby button on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+.

Download App to Remap Bixby Button:

Source: XDA

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