Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator unveiled in CES 2016

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator 1

Samsung unveiled a new refrigeration segment to the market called Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. The new fridge is connected via WiFi and Samsung Smart Home app. With the help of this refrigerator you can keep track of whats inside your fridge- tracking product expiration dates and what you have and what don’t have inside your refrigerator.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Features

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator comes with a 21.5-inch Full HD LCD display on the upper right exterior door. “The screen allows you to post, share and update calendars, pin photos, share treasured kids’ works of art, and leave notes – all with the ease and convenience of your smartphone,” said Samsung. Samsung has equipped the fridge with three high quality cameras to capture an image every time the door closes. “You can then access those images anytime using your smartphone and take a peek inside your fridge. Even if you’re at the store and forget to check on what you need for dinner that night, you can open up the Samsung Smart Home app and have a look right into your Family Hub fridge.” You can even use the refrigerator to do online grocery shopping with the aid of a major credit card partner, as well as manage recipes and compile and share shopping lists. It also offers options for music streaming to play through its built-in speaker or connect to Bluetooth wireless speakers. The 21.5-inch screen can be used to watch TV by mirroring with a Samsung Smart TV.

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