Now Experience Bixby & Galaxy S8 Launcher on Older Samsung Devices Running on Nougat

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ have been launched by Samsung last month and one of the highlighting features of the S8 was Bixby. Additionally, Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ comes with a refresh version of TouchWiz (Galaxy S8 Launcher) with features such as the ability to disable the app drawer and a dedicated screen for Bixby (accessed by swiping right on the home screen).

What is Bixby?

Samsung’s new intelligent interface is continuously being developed, it was created to enhance the way people interact with their Galaxy S8.  The intuitive and comprehensive interface leverages contextual awareness to learn users’ habits and provide related information, and is easily activated with a press of its dedicated hardware button or by saying “Bixby.”

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For those who are interested and are very eager to try out these new features of S8 before the devices hit the market can experience it on their Samsung device running Nougat, you can try out both Bixby and Galaxy S8 Launcher. We’re not sure if every Samsung device with Nougat will work, as neither app managed to install on the Galaxy Note 5, but we did try them out on the Galaxy S7 edge. Galaxy S8 launcher works well, even if there is a bit of stuttering here and there. You do not get the option to sort your apps by name if you disable the app drawer, but everything else seems to work fine.

As for Bixby is concerned, it seems that Samsung’s new virtual assistant runs fine the first time you fire it up but starts crashing once it has gathered some information. For example, Bixby shows you the last photo you have taken so you can quickly share it with others, but for us, the assistant started crashing right after we took a picture using the camera. There is also no way to try out voice control, as the Galaxy S7 edge (and other Samsung devices) lack the dedicated Bixby key that is present on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. As a result, if you want to try out Bixby, you can only test it out for a short while after it is installed, following which it is likely to start crashing on your device.

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It’s possible that properly working ports for existing Samsung devices will be released in the future, although Bixby might continue to fail as it also requires data from Samsung’s servers for many of its functions. For now, if you wish to try out the Galaxy S8 launcher and Bixby on your phone, head over to the source link to download the necessary files. The entire procedure is as simple as downloading the relevant APK files and installing them on your phone.

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Note: If you uninstall the Galaxy S8 launcher (by going into Settings » Applications and uninstalling updates to the TouchWiz Home app), your home screen setup on the default Galaxy S7 launcher will be lost. Keep that in mind before attempting to try out the new launcher.

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Source: XDA

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