Logitech Mouse M557 Review

logitech mouse m557 review

Logitech Mouse M557 is a budget oriented bluetooth mouse from Logitech. This Logitech Mouse M557 does perform all the basic functions like scrolling, Left click, right click, start button.

The Logitech Mouse M557 is made of premium grade plastic, top is covered with glossy plastic whereas the bottom is made up of matte finish plastic which does not feel cheap to hold.

The size of mouse is quiet compact, all those who are having a hand of 7 inches and below, it will be comfortable to use. The square like button on the top of the mouse acts as a start button in windows eco-system.

Logitech also provides 2 AA batteries, and the best part is mouse can work a single battery as well. Logitech claims that batteries can last for 12 months.

Since it is a bluetooth mouse, it can be paired with your android device as well, not all funcationality is provided like the start button does not work in android eco-system and also the right-click, but the normal functions can be performed like Left-click, the wheel.

We found the Logitech Mouse M557 to be precise, accurate and gets the job done, the product gets a thumbs up from us.

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