Glow – The Glowing Earphones

Glow is a earphone which lights up while listening to music. It has got a vibrant laser technology which indicates to your favourite music. It is perfect combination of sound and lights. It also has a dedicated app for IOS and Android that helps you control the lighting depending on your mood.

glow controls

Apart from the earphones functionality, it has many other features to offer such as:

Media Apps: Dedicated buttons for all your music controls (Volume, track, play/pause) that are fully compatible with popular apps such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and more.

Texts: Listen and quickly respond to texts or messages.

Camera: Snap a picture using the controller wirelessly.

Heart Rate Sensor: Monitors your heart beat, can u used with Google Fit app.

glow heart rate sensor

Glow has its own battery that can be charged via a standard Micro-USB.  On a full charge, Glow shines for over 8 hours of continuous use.  And even if the battery runs out, you can keep listening to your favorites tunes using Glow with no charge needed.

Source & Credit:- Glow, Kickstarter

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