Flic-The Wireless Smart Button

Flic-The Wireless Smart Button

Flic is a button which has a capability of making your life smart by adding shortcuts to your life. You can stick this button on a wall, bicycle, car, desk and even on the loop of your waist. Flic also has dedicated app for both Android & IOS. Setting up Flic is also very easy just tap the button and app will detect the button, then you can perform all function available in the app. Flic also work with different apps. There are different functions associated with this button, depending on the surrounding we use,

  • We can locate our smartphone
  • We can take selfies
  • Control Lighting in our homes
  • Play music
  • Timer
  • Send emergency signals
  • Unlocks the door
  • Make a fake a call
  • Navigation
  • Order a pizza
  • Share Location
  • Call your favourites
  • Right Mood- Dimming lights, increase temperature

flic 2According To The Developer, the button is Smart, Resistant, Soft, Tactile, Sustainable, Sticky. The battery can last upto 5 years






Source & Credit: www.flic.io

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