BoomPhones: World’s Most Advanced Headphone Speaker Hybrid


BoomPhones is the next level headphones, as it is not just a traditional headphone or a speaker. BoomPhones are high-grade portable headphones which can act as a speaker on the go. Apart from the music experience, it comes with some more features. Nowadays, when we are on the go, we tend to carry either a headphone or a speaker for entertainment purpose and a portable charger/ powerbank to charge up the USB devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or even headphones and speakers itself. But, the BoomPhones can perform all these tasks. These headphones can…

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Samsung Flow Update Now Streamlines Device Synchronization to More Users

Samsung Flow Update

Samsung Flow is an app that allows users to synchronize their tablet with their smartphone inconvenient, productivity-boosting ways. The app’s latest update, slated for release in April, expands its compatibility to include even more devices, allowing more users to simplify their always-connected lifestyles. Samsung Flow allows you to seamlessly manage data and messages between their Galaxy smartphone and tablet, helping them enjoy new levels of convenience and mobility. When the devices are synchronized, you may unlock their tablet using their phone’s fingerprint sensor, manage smartphone notifications directly from their tablet,…

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