Did You know 14 billion WhatsApp Messages sent on New Year’s Eve in India

WhatsApp 14 Billion Messgaes

On the New Year’s Eve 14 Billion messages were shared on WhatsApp in India, 32 percent of which were in the form of media – images, videos, gifs images, voice messages, WhatsApp said on Friday.

This was more than the 8 billion messages that were sent during Diwali, the company said. On the New Year’s Eve a total of 3.1 Billion images, 700 million  GIF Images, and 610 million videos were shared. On normal days, there are about 160 million active WhatsApp users in India.

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Recently, this messaging app got the video calling feature in India and the company is working on a feature where sent messages can be revoked or edited.

Source & Credits for the data, Gadgets360 & IANS

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